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Working in sales, social, and marketing, I have had the pleasure to meet and interact with people from all over the world. No longer are we stuck inside the fish-bowl that is our hometowns.

Due to the real time connectivity that social media platforms and live streaming applications have provided, we can now see into each other’s lives in an instant. These tools have allowed us to shrink the world, connect with minds greater than our own, and revolutionize the way we communicate and do business. The personal and professional value social media and streaming technologies are adding can be far greater than what we justify with an ROI.

But at what cost? What is the cost of utilizing these tools?

The obvious answer for most would be, they’re “free.” Others would argue that they cost time and the salaries of the people who create the content and run the platforms. Further than that- what are these platforms commandeering from us beyond our wallet and calendar?

What about mentally? Emotionally? Physically, even?

The more “transparency” and “authenticity” are promoted and preached, the more we feel obligated to live in a full disclosure universe and let people into every corner of our lives. We snap pictures of our lunch, write tell-all’s about our dates, and turn our children into the social and modern day version of “reality TV stars.”

So how much is too much? When does the price become too high? Does the whole world REALLY belong in every corner of our lives?

It’s undeniable that it can be fun to take a selfie with someone cool we meet, in a new place we’ve never been, while having an awesome experience- but when are we allowed to keep an experience to ourselves? When is it ok to see a sunset and not show everyone? When is it ok to share a private moment? When is it ok to just do something for YOU?

Honesty is admirable. Transparency is appreciated. But subjecting ourselves to public opinion 24/7 can be draining. Depriving ourselves of the intimacy we naturally crave as human-beings is disheartening. When it comes down to it, by what increment is FULL-FULL disclosure actually enhancing value?

Until we decide when and where a line should be drawn, we will constantly feel pulled and pressured to tell all. I challenge everyone to show themselves and the other people in their lives some respect, (beyond solely disconnecting long enough to develop a new story to share on social).

EXPERIENCE a moment today. Keep it to yourself. Relish in it and take pleasure in knowing that you restored a tiny piece of intimacy in your own life, and provided a private value to YOURSELF today- that only you can hold on to.